Health and Leisure Group
Every Thursday a small group of members take part in a health and leisure group that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and fun activities. We enjoy making our own picnic lunches and eating them together, having walks and treasure hunts in the garden, making sweets and crafts to sell at the Autumn Fayre, and celebrating national events.

Near St George’s Day the Health and Leisure Group made English flags and sang along to videos of The Last Night of the Proms, waving their flags enthusiastically to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Rule Britannia’. More recently the group talked about the World Cup and listened to various World Cup songs, singing along to the familiar ones.

A favourite regular outing is to the library to choose new books for the Cree Centre which are read frequently. Most Thursday afternoons the group like to sing songs with actions, ending with everybody’s favourite: ‘The Hokey Cokey’, which gets everyone joining in.

The Health and Leisure Group has been running for a number of years and remains popular with all the members who take part.