Skegness Seal Sanctuary
On Monday 23 June 2014 members Kathy, Melanie, Jamie and Emma all enjoyed a day out to Skegness. This was sponsored by the Concreation Garden Centre in Swineshead, having kindly donated money to the Cree Centre so each individual member could have an outing of some kind.

These four members went to Skegness Seal Sanctuary accompanied by three staff. We set off at 9.15 am; on the journey people chatted or happily watched the world go by. After a comfort stop (needed by members and staff alike!) we arrived in Skegness at 11.30; it was lovely weather: not too hot and no-one needed a coat or cardigan. Everyone was hungry so lunch it was.

We chose the café by the boating lake. Each individual decided what they would like to eat and drink and they all seemed to enjoy their food. After lunch we had a little walk by the boating lake. As well as boats we saw ducks and geese with their young – very cute!

We then set off for the Seal Sanctuary. It was decided to walk along the seafront. Melanie was very interested in the offshore wind turbines – all 52 of them! Kathy was excited when she saw the fair: she wanted to go n the big dipper, but no-one else was keen.

We arrived at the Seal Sanctuary at 1.30 pm and had a walk around looking at all the animals: lizards and snakes, guinea pigs and rabbits, sheep and goats (watch out for the goats – they eat anything they can get their mouths to!), meerkats and penguins, and of course seals.

There were baby seals and sea lions. They also have a tropical rainforest, aquarium and a seal hospital. The staff were in the process of cleaning the large pool where the sea lions swim; it takes two days to empty, clean and refill the pool – the water is pumped up from the sea. We watched the staff feed the seals and sea lions – each one has a name. They told us about the wonderful work they do there, all paid for with the donations they receive.

Our visit was completed by a much-needed sit down in the café, and ice cream was enjoyed by all. The journey home was subdued, some members having a little nap, tired out by the fun-filled day we had all enjoyed.