A poem by Margaret
The Cree Centre
a poem by Margaret

A number of things happen here at the Cree
And there are lots of places we like to go and see
Near and far, local or not - whether it’s raining outside or nice and hot

At the Cree Centre lots of things go on
Craft, music, gardening, just to name some
Of the activities we do on a regular basis
The members enjoy it – you can tell by their faces

Music groups are popular, especially Karaoke
Dancing, Tai Chi – and playing on the Wii
Even if members are unable to walk
They still join in and even if they don’t talk
They let us know what they love and hate
They all find a way to communicate

Games are played like bingo and dominoes
These are he ones that everyone knows
More active games too, like boccia and curling
And more sedate pastimes like knitting and colouring

The communications group is an interesting one
Planning "it’s a knockout” or simply singing a song
Lots of things go on in these groups
They’ve even had us jumping through hoops

Many trips have gone on out of the Centre
One of the favourites was the Newark Crusader
Sailing on Rutland Water was experienced too
Green and 10-pin bowling we also do

Swimming is a popular outing; fun is had by all, there is no doubting
Splashing about in the Jacuzzi, trying to drown the other three

When done off to the pub we pop
For a nice relaxing meal, wherever we can find a good deal

We hope you have enjoyed hearing what we do
If you ever come to visit we’d love to see you