Dinner, snacks and drinks at the Cree Centre

Dinner, snacks and drinks at the Cree Centre

The Cree Centre employs a full time cook to provide a cooked dinner and a pudding for service users attending the Cree Centre. 
The cook follows a 4 weekly menu which is updated on a regular basis. 

The cost for a cooked dinner and a pudding is £3.75.  Alternatively you can bring in a packed lunch. 

The cook has received all relevant training including level 3 food safety and training in special dietary requirements.  

The Cree Centre is able to support individuals with special diets and our fully equipped kitchen is able to prepare soft/ pureed meals. 

Staff members are able to support individuals who need assistance with their eating and drinking needs inline with their individual care plan.  All staff members have received the relevant training to support individuals with all their eating and drinking needs. 

Snacks and drinks are provided at no additional cost.  Snacks include biscuits, crisps, cakes, fruit and drinks include squashes, milkshakes, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 

We have a five star rating with the food standards agency