Activities at the Cree Centre

The Cree Centre has a varied timetable of different activities, sessions and groups.  

Our weekly activities include 

Arts and crafts

This group includes a variety of different arts and crafts activities such as painting, making  cards,  making themed craft items (For Christmas, Easter, valentine’s day etc.) making puppets, sowing, papier Mache, bubble painting, finger painting, sticking and colouring etc. 

Relaxation groups 

 This group centres on mindfulness, wellbeing and providing a relaxing experience for the service users.  Relaxation groups include painting nails, using the smell box, sensory bags and hand and foot massages.  We also have aromas and a nice relaxation sound track which really sets the mood.   

Music groups

Our music groups include karaoke, interactive DVD’s, sing along groups and musical instruments.  We also have a wonderful lady called Alison who comes in once a fortnight to deliver a group called communication through music, the group includes, songs, props and laughter. 

 Gardening/ outdoor groups 

This group includes planting and potting different flowers, vegetables and plants as well as collecting leaves, wildlife spotting, feeding the birds and other gardening tasks. 


 Our games groups include board games, bingo, the parachute, bowling, the Nitendo wii as well as lots of different garden games which get used in the warmer months outside and within our large main hall when its cooler.  We also do lots of fun themed days like a treasure hunt on our pirate themed day!

Sensory Groups

The Cree Centre has a well-equipped sensory room. The sensory room has lots of sensory lighting including a large bubble tower light, fibre optic lights, ceiling lights and an interactive projector light. The popular interactive projector light projects lots of different images onto the floor in the sensory room. The images are interactive so they can be moved and manipulated providing a very unique sensory experience.

We also do lots of sensory groups such as messy play, sand and water play, tuff tray play and small world play.  We have lots of sensory toys, a smells box and a large sensory tent.